Compact Nursing License States In 2023 (NLC)

In this post, we are going to go over the Compact Nursing License States Many nurses and nursing students have questions about this compact agreement. They wonder if they should move to the States. If their license is going to be transferred to them. What are its benefits and which states are covered? So in this post, I am going to provide the best information.

I am going to consider the topics of what is a compact agreement and what are its benefits. What are the requirements that states include? And give you some scenarios for example if you live in a compact state and you are moving somewhere. Non-compact state how it works for you. So let’s start with what this compact agreement allows nurses to obtain a multistate license. which have the ability to practice in their home state and a compact state.

Compact Nursing License States

Benefits of compact nursing license state:

So what are the benefits that mean you can practice as a nurse across state lines without any additional application or fees? So you have a multi-state license now there are some requirements for that and they are you have to live in a compact state. And here in a second, I’ll go to the 25 compact states. And let’s see if you live in number two you must have an active Registered Nurse Orion or Licensed Practical Nurse LPN license. Good standing so your license should not have anything against it. Now advanced practice registered nurses are your CRNAs is your nurse practitioners. They are not included in this compact agreement number three. You must declare the compact estate as your principal residence, meaning you live there. And fourth, last but not least you must meet the licensing requirement in your home state as some states are different. For example, California may be different from Tennessee so you need to make sure if this is the primary state that you mean your state has those licensure requirements.

Full principalities that are still in compact agreement:

Now let’s know which states are included in this compact agreement. There are currently 24 states that are part of it. Your Nursing License Agreement However, on October 1, 2015, Montana will become a part of the agreement, so the agreement will now be 25. It is constantly changing with states updating and adding themselves to the treaty. So here in five years, you will see the possibility of joining more states. So always check back to see if your state is included. If you don’t see it, check the list yourself. So let’s start to see if you are included in this compact agreement list, first Arizona Arkansas Colorado Delaware Idaho Iowa Kentucky Maine Maryland Mississippi Missouri Montana But on October 1, 2015, they will be part of Nebraska New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin are therefore part of the treaty. Now let’s consider some scenarios about this. If you live in a compact state and you move to a non-compact state or you change a compact state to a compact state and let’s see how this scenario plays out.

Let’s first talk about a compact measure, so let’s say you’re in a compact state. You’re one of the states listed on the board. And you are moving to another state that is part of the compact agreement. Can you practice on your permanent resident license for 30 to 90 days? So say you had a license in North Carolina and you are moving to Tennessee, your license is good to practice for 30 to 90 days. Then after that, you have to do this. The board of nursing applies to the state where you go through endorsements. For example, if you go to their website, you’ll see a choice that says to apply for endorsement for licensure. And that means you have fulfilled your current state. Where you have moved from The state requirements that you have passed the NCLEX and that you can practice as an RN or LPN simply state that you are an RN and LPN and it is recommended that each time you go to apply for that licensure PI endorsement.

You do this one to two months before you actually move to that state. Because it may take time and you may miss the 30 to 90-day window. Then of course you have to pay any applicable fees and declare to your home state that you are moving. Now let’s talk about another scenario as you are moving from a compact state to a non-compact state as your new home residence. What you need to do again is on that state’s website. Go to where you are moving. If you intend to remain in your compact license to apply for a license through endorsement in the new state, it will be converted from a multi-state license to a single-state license and is only valid for you in that state.

The practice will be correct if you are moving in and of course, you will need to notify the board of nursing that you have moved out of state. What do you have to do? You must re-apply for a license through endorsement in the new state you are moving to and your individual state license issued from a non-compact is not affected and will remain active so these are some situations that you may encounter. or what you have to do whenever you transfer So I hope this content has helped you to understand what the license contract agreement is. So you should visit this website. Bookmark it, it will help you a lot.

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