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Because I’m going to talk about a few things, including Nomad Travel Nursing Reviews and I’m going to talk about inflation but I’m also going to talk about why the big travel nurse companies are a scam. And they’re deceiving you as a nurse clinician or as a clinician, I don’t care what kind of health care provider you are. You’re being scammed and I’m going to end it in a way I’m going to pull out the whiteboard here. I’m going to talk about why this is a scam first let’s talk about inflation. The new cpi data came out today and we have a 5.1% year-to-date increase in inflation. Now ask yourself if your salary has increased by 5.1 on average.

Most of all you should read this information which will give you access to very good and useful information. Many people have had great experiences with Nomad Travel Nursing. There is no problem in working with them. This is why we recommend this company because this company Nomad Travel Nursing is loved by many people. And I also like it very much. And we think this is a really good platform from which you can easily prepare other assignments. And one good thing is to tell you that the facilities and salary provided by this company are better than many companies.

Nomad Travel Nursing Reviews

This past year because if it didn’t, there was a problem and I’m going to get into that a little bit more here, but I really want to talk about how the travel nurse companies have a monopoly on the system now. This is one thing. About Nurse Entrepreneurship Spread the word about independent nursing Not just about independent nursing but about nurse entrepreneurship in general and why it’s so important. That you guys will get an idea of what is going on in travel nursing and how monopolization efforts. So let’s talk about what is American Mobile which is a terrible company but you know what it is I’m going to get into it and I’m going to show you what they do if any of you guys have ever heard of mine.

First, let’s say like travel when you get the bill rate we’re talking about bill rate so you get a bill rate of 150 per hour so the travel company will talk to the hospital. Talk to the facility and say hey we got an oh 150 hourly billing rate uh we got this amount of nurses so you know we can bill this But what they don’t tell you is that now I will give credit here. They have a little overhead and they do a lot but let’s think about if you’re a travel nurse and you’ve ever worked with recruiters. That’s how terrible recruiters are at first they don’t really do anything you do with all the credentials you do all the stuff and they just contact you with it.

And it’s a really horrible system. I mean some of the recruiters are the laziest people on the planet. I mean they’re just plain lazy. If you find a good one, keep it. But I’m a big fan of independent nursing. Pros and I’ll talk about it here a little later but I have links below where you can see all the things that I’m calling on right now. I’ll have to do it okay but anyway we’re talking about a travel nurse company. Let’s just use MN as an example right from the front of this bill rate bill they are taking 30 to 40. That bill rate percentage is fine but then they also have a vendor management system so there’s that. Is it like a middleman it’s a middleman here and there and they’re going to take out seven to ten percent right thirty to forty percent seven to ten percent so if you get a 150 bill rate after you take it all out that’s This gives you about fifty percent of the nurse’s share. The nurse only gets 50 of that bill rate.

Now let me ask you if you think that in any way shape or form is even correct. But wait there’s actually more to it and I’m going to show you what’s here in just a second you’ll see get it now. The vendor management system is fine so they own their own uh I think it’s called Medifast and so now the MN can collect all of these billing rates and they also hunt down other physicians so it’s just a monopoly it’s fair Not that they are able to increase these vms fees under the guise of vms but in reality when in theory I mean in reality it is actually a .who is bringing everyone together. That money means that there is no neutrality, there is none. The fair market here because now mnvms owns they can get all of the bill rates which is very monopolistic now you have to ask yourself ok Crosby what do you know about the big picture What it means is that you need to start the process of becoming independent. I’m talking about your need to start the process.

Being a nurse entrepreneur makes things worse and it’s really the biggest scam out there how little physicians are getting, in fact, the facility is actually paying a lot more of it so the facility you are with them paying a lot more than they need to but if you are an independent physician you can come in. Get it at a much better price and the highest rate on your bill so you know why to travel nursing is a scam it’s not really travel nursing it’s actually the companies that are in travel nursing these companies are huge. They do not train. Any of their recruiters ok will call you don’t follow up.

The ongoing battle when you take assignments with recruiters and some of you who have done travel nursing well will know what I’m talking about. Have dealt with credentials as well as how many times did credentialism turn on you I mean I remember I took an assignment a couple of times. I had four different uh four different people verify my credentials and by that time I had to resend the stuff and do it and all together it was just a horrible process and it’s a shame they billed all of that. Get it. Here for the little things that they do, it’s all basically related to the hospital that they really provide I mean because their recruiters don’t really do anything and their credentialing experts change so much that it causes you as a nurse to do more leg work than anything else I mean you How often do legwork have to be done? Just getting a nurse assignment shouldn’t be something you put all your information into. You put all your credentials in.

There are your bls in your license you know your cpr all that stuff you put in there once and then it should be easy especially when you are paying that kind of bill rate make no mistake you are paying. This is the rate of the bill so it is important that I want to talk about the scam in nursing. It’s the biggest game in travel nursing right now and makes no mistake it’s not just Amma it’s all the other companies and they all need you to demand that you get paid more and you sort it out. Do by giving. Up and really you can’t fight that big battle but what you can do has become independent what you can do is become a nurse entrepreneur and those are the ways. You need to think about how you do it. I don’t necessarily mean obviously I have what I’ve done in my office before. I’ve done this many times. So I tapped it. But it’s not that hard to do and you need to make the kind of mindset shift that I talk about in my courses. Because that’s why we provide you with the best ways and facilities.

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