Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary (PMHNP) For 2023

This information will be very useful for you. So first of all, how much Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary and Is this correct news that as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, you can earn around $126,390 per year and can earn around $96,000 in your first job? You can earn a lot. Hope you will understand this information. How much you can expect to earn as a co-worker also depends on whether you were an inpatient or an outpatient. Anticipate and give you an idea of what I was making before as a Psychiatric RN. And how much P has grown in psychiatry.

All right guys, let’s take a look at this post so that you can know about it. So I want to share some information about myself. When I was a psychiatrist when I first started as a nurse I graduated in 2014 and I actually worked in a surgical ICU intermediate year. I was making $26. Cent down and was at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore and I was making 26 dollars and 17 cents and that was like the new grad rate. You couldn’t really communicate that it was pretty dead set and that was kind of it. A low ball number at least in the Maryland area but for me, you know $52,000 a year you know whatever I’m making. Before you knew a regular job and then going to be a nurse it was a good pain. Enough to pay my bills. I could go on trips. I could save some money. I bought my first car like this and it was good for me that it was a good amount but every year to two years I probably got it.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

A dollar or two as a race so I continued to work on Czar until 2019 and when I graduated I was working as a psych RN at a hospital in Baltimore making thirty to thirty dollars an hour. And I think a lot of my peers were, somehow. Actually being older than me I know you are relatively new although I have been learning basically for four or four-five years I know if you are a travel nurse or if you are a nurse working in another state. Our end needs you to know I know you get paid more. I think being a psycho and I know some RNs who were working in other units were earning more. I think I would have made more money if I had stayed as an ICU nurse, but as a psycho and they didn’t really give me that kind of option.

Being in the RN guys means you get paid pretty decently but as another P you know I definitely make. Very much and honestly the quality of life is much better for me so how much hope should you have as a psychiatric nurse practitioner you know I talked to several of my colleagues some of them have three years of experience. Is. Five years of experience and it’s from outpatients some people you know are earning anywhere from a hundred and fifty thousand a year to two hundred and twenty-five thousand and that’s after a couple of years of experience and it’s based in Maryland. And it always depends on how much money you actually bring in for the practice and you should learn how much you’re billing your billing codes and really for most NPS especially if You are seeing at least 15 patients a day which you know should bring in at least $300,000 in your practice so you know the overhead is calculated to make the practice profitable for you.

There are some small factors in the vacation insurance EHR that obviously the people you know that you employ you have to pay but if you also get paid $225,000 you know. That they are still making good money off of you and especially if you are seeing 25 patients a day they are killing you that is the truth but I have a lot of colleagues that you Making around know that at least one fee is 150.

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